Free Live Webinar Healing Cannabis

FREE LIVE Journey WITH Avalon Darnesh & Amanda Jayne Fisher

Healing your relationship with Cannabis

You have missed the live webinar, but you can still join us for a free 90min journey with Cannabis as we explore the right relationship with this incredible plant, Meet the spirit of Cannabis and unlock her medicine on a guided drum journey. Get access by joining below.


Wednesday 13th June

Host: Avalon Darnesh

Feminine Visionary, Shamanic guide &
Teacher of Womens Mysteries

Avalon is an author, mentor and mother, supporting women to reconnect with their inner knowing, release old habits and reclaim their wisdom, beauty and power.



Host: Amanda Jayne Fisher

Shamanic Kinesiologist, Writer &
PLant Spirit communicator

Amanda is committed to helping men and women return to their true nature and spiritual hearts, through the healing of old stories and by connecting with the wisdom and medicine of nature.

During This Free Webinar, we will:

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Explore 'right relationship'

Discuss how we can come into 'right relationship' with this incredible healing plant.


Meet the spirit of Cannabis

Amanda will share the plant spirit medicine of Cannabis and take you on a guided journey to meet her.


Drum Journey with Cannabis

We will set our intentions and take a shamanic drum journey to meet the spirit of cannabis.

Join us on the path to healing, register now.

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